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Since 1966


It's what we do.

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T-cards are the new-old water cooler tool. 

T-cards are the hands on, simple to use, easy to see way to visually control your world.


Better Way has been the T-card leader for over 50 years.  We have the expertise in how our T-card systems work, but we LISTEN to our clients and work with them to meet their current and future visual scheduling needs.

You would think that with all the technology out there that physical T-cards would have gone the way of the dinosaur, but that my friend is where you would be wrong.

    If you don’t have power, you can’t use your computer.

    If the internet is down, your smart phone won’t help you much.

    When you need to see the BIG PICTURE, your laptop or tablet just won’t do.

              T-cards bring people together to be able to really SEE what is going on.

Don’t overthink iT.  See iT

T-cards are used for the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN questions.

Emergency Management                    


Continuous Improvement             

Process Management          


Visual control  



What can Better Way T-card systems help you VISUALIZE?

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