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Want a T-card "just" the way you want it?


You should have it that way.  No matter what industry you are in, we can work with you to bring your idea to life.  View samples of custom T-cards below and then use the pdf templates provided to start designing your very own T-card.  All T-cards are available in any of our 19 paper colors.

Pick your
T-card size

Deciding which size T-card is the first step.


*  The #3 size T-cards are by far the most popular and have the most rack options.

 *  Maybe you are planning on making a T-card THE primary record keeper- the #4 size T-card is the widest and tallest available to hold ALL that information.

 *  Do you need to track a small amount of information (NAME, PART NUMBER), then a #2 size T-card is the way to go.  

Download the
T-card template
View sample
T-cards by industry
Email or fax us
your design

Email your scanned design to



                           Fax your design to


** please include contact information in your message

Design a custom
 continuous improvement program

Want it in



We can do that

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