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synthetic paper

Oh, the possibilities!  Durable, tear resistent and water resistent-- just like our popular PLASTIC T-cards, only BETTER!

We can print your custom design in black/white or color and you'll have a T-card that can hold up over time.  Think dirty shop environments... we can see the wheels turning already. 

inventory contol 
kamishibai board

Make sure every part is available "just in time" for assembly or distribution using T-cards.  A card for every part or bin of parts that follows those parts around the plant.  When they are consumed, the card returns to the board and purchasing knows exactly what items need to be brought in.  Never have to shut down a production line again because of a part being "out of stock".

Here is some more information regarding kanban T-card systems-

emergency &

resource management


Fire departments across the country are familiar with the ICS-219

T-card shown above.  This simple T-card design is a reliable way to keep track of resources before, during and after an incident.  Match them with a portable canvas T-card rack and you've got a winning solution.

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Now printing T-cards

                 in color


Now Better Way has a color press, so if you want a logo or a colored stripe in the T of the card or any other way you think colored ink would enhance your T-card design, WE CAN DO IT!  Give us a call to discuss details and pricing.



       2-color synthetic paper


Numbering on T-cards and now PERFORATED T-cards!  Just what you need for service providers to allow for a receipt copy.  Call us today to create YOUR T-card design.

MINI PLANNERS are back in stock and ready to ship.Sales people or dispatchers on the move can use these pocket sized portfolios packed full of organizational punch.  These 4" x 7" vinyl folders have slots  for 18- #3 1/2 size T-cards and come with 20 blanks all for $10 each.















 T-cards are available in 

    #2, #3 or #4 sizes.

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Design a custom
 continuous improvement program


         Card Stock



Add a strip of WOW!

Seeing RED in a good way...

We have available 30, 40,

and 50 slot strips for

#3 size T-cards. 

Order them on their own, or add them into an existing #3 size RACK.

Give us a call and we'll give you the details on making a RED statement.

industries using t-card systems

Trucking       Resource Management       Emergency Management


                               HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical      


Manufacturing                 Service Management            Government


             BIG companies and SMALL see the value in the visual

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